Fort Knox Five – DC’s Finest Volume 3



During the lockdown we’ve done a bit of spring cleaning and opened up the Fort Knox Vaults. A fun rediscovery has been the epic DC’s Finest Volumes 1-4 Mix Series from over a decade ago! The mixes are chock full of mash-ups, remints & edits from our early FK1000 & BOMBS releases. The DC’s Finest trip down memory lane continues with Volume 3 of the Mix Series!!! There are some bass heavy tunes & party anthems included in this group. “Mama’s Boots” was the only track ever released, it came out as a BOMBS White Label 12-inch Vinyl back in the day!

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Intro >> Just Drop In
Mama’s Boots
Move Your Body
Cars That Go Boom
Beenie Boot
Missy House Funk
Skeewiff Signs
Disko Lick Shots
Hypnotic Friends And Lovers
Tres Bien Poets
Sometimes Interlude
Spanish Rice



Homegrown – Safe & Sound Volumes 3 & 4

Firing off in quick succession Homegrown have released 4 volumes of their Safe & Sound mixes, a mashup of the finest funkiest beats and breaks. This is volumes 3 & 4 with music from across the board.







1. Aphrodite-Drop top caddy
2. Smov & Suonho- A little bit of soul
3. Smov- Rays road
4. DJ XS- Ann Peebles-run run run
5. DJ XS- Bill Withers- Use me
6. The Captain- The Bossa Fellas funk
7. Hiphoppapotamus- Reggae got soul
8. Rea & Christian- The jungle bros- Play on
9. Daytoner- Like Jumping
10. Mash Masters- Smoker Brother
11. Second Hand Audio- Hip-Hop V’s Rap
12. SLY edit- Use me
13. Jim Sharp-Unhooked generation
14. GEN4- The Next Episode
15. Featurecast- Can I kick it
16. Voodoocuts- Jazzaround
17. Daytoner- Keith’s soup
18. Tom Showtime- Re-express yourself
19. Second Hand Audio- Ozomatli
20. The Gaff- Tribute to Hank







1. Pecoe- Apache champ
2. Dub Pistols- Cyclone
3. C+C Music Factory- Gonna make you sweat (Basomatic party breaks)
4. Ocelus (remix) -Highway to Hell
5. Moquee & Russ Cuban remix (Ben Jay Edit)- Respect
6. Pecoe -Rock Steady-
7. The Apple Scruffs edit -Nas & Damien Marley- As we enter
8. Daytoner- Moonstomping
9. Labrosk & Rory Hoy – Groove is in the jazz
10. Copycat -Sunshine of my love-
11. A Skillz v’s Beatvandals- Feelin Kinda Insane
12. Cornershop- Norman Cook (remix)- Brimful of Asha
13. Ronny Hammonds-Hard to Handle
14. Fatboy slim- Renegade Master
15. Featurecast- Oh La La
16. The Allergies- Samba fox
17. Hiphoppapotamus- Morning Sun
18. Soopasoul- As we do our thing
19. Fatboy slim-(remix)- I see you baby
20. Discotech (remix)- Satisfaction
21. Stanton Warriors- Knowhow
22. Mash Masters- My friend lollypop
23. Datsik and Excision – Swagga (nobodymovesedit)



EvilSound – Spring Mix 2020



Right, time for some actual breaks and this time it’s from Spanish local EvilSound. His brief for the mix is piano inspired music over rolling breakbeats a bit like back in the late 80’s and the piano rave music that started appearing at that time.







01 · Love Regenerator – Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait) [Columbia]
02 · Adam Vyt – Dreams (Vocal Mix) [13Monkeys Records]
03 · Armin van Buuren feat. Bonnie McKee – Lonely For You (Original Mix) [Armada Music]
04 · DeiBeat – You Make Me Feel (Original Mix) [Toast & Jam Recordings]
05 · Colombo – Scent Of Love (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
06 · Digital Base & Andy Vibes – Rave In The House (Original Mix) [Distorsion Records]
07 · Bartdon – Back To Night (Original Mix) [Spektra Recordings]
08 · Nosk – Summer Night (Original Mix) [83 Label]
09 · M&M feat. Rachel Wallace ‎- I Feel This Way (Adam Vyt Remix) [Distorsion Records]
10 · Dominica – Gotta let You Go (Freestylers Club Mix) [Altra Moda]
11 · Suga7 – Essence (Original Mix) [Wasted Recordings]
12 · Pavane – Nothing (Original Mix) [Dizzines Records]
13 · Yankee – Take On (Original Mix) [Distorsion Records]
14 · Specimen A & Rasco – Never Forget (Original Mix) [Punks Music]



Leygo – Mix 2020



Leygo is back once again with a fresh new mix and his first for 2020. Lots of new ones in this with special edits, remixes and originals from Leygo himself, great to hear a new mix with new material from him.






1. Chemical Brothers – Galvanize – Leygo Remix
2. Funk Hunters vs Stevie Wonder – Hands up – Leygo Edit
3. Leygo – Untitled
4 Walk out Gyal – Turnstyle remix
5. Chaka Khan – Like Sugar – Mikeandtess edit
6. Chaka Khan – Like Sugar Leygo disco synth edit
7. Booty Shake – Aure Zwins edit
8. Shake that Limb – Leygo
9. Featurecast – Listen to the horns
10. Freestylers – Ruffneck – Leygo bongo Edit
11. Freestylers – Ruffneck – Leygo festival edit
12.Don’t want to dance
13. Stretch and Vern – I’m Alive Krafty Kuts remix
14.The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Man in soggy sorry – Kid Panel remix
15. Leygo – Vital Signs – Forthcoming on 9th Records
16. Austin Digo Feat JAHMAIKL – Ah Yah Yah – Quadrat Beat remix
17. Dismantle – Squash
18. Leygo – I’m a Man
19. Fisher – Losing it – Wasted crew remix
20. Salt and Pepa – Push It – Bigg Beat Elite remix
21. Fat Freddys Drop – Special Edition – Leygo edit
22. Ten Walls – Walk with Elephants – Leygo remix
23. Yeah Yeah Yeah – Heads will Roll – Protostar remix
24 Freestylers – Spread Love – North Bass remix