B-Side – Sunday Jam & Tea – 3.5.2021



B-Side has been in the mid tempo breakbeat scene for ages now, with his experience gained over time with endless tunes made as well as dropping a DJ set too. Lately you can catch B-Side over at Twitch and you can also grab his great collection of edits and remix through his Bandcamp page.

This mix was streamed and recorded via Twitch for Aliens In Denmark and his Sunday Jam Tea set for Breakbeat Paradise Recordings.







The Beat-Pimp – Soul Food Mix – 1.5.2021




The Beat-Pimp’s love for the broken beat goes way back and he readily puts up a new mix most of the time but this latest one he has put up differs from his usual sets with more of a hip hop and beats type of sound. Saying that though he flips the switch about half way through and brings in that bass funk sound with a slight hint of 4 on the floor. Great mix and worth a listen.






Roast Beatz – Summer 2021 Promo Mix



Roast Beatz is back, well he never went anywhere really but in this time of Covid things are not the norm for the music scene. Despite that Roasty is always pushing forward with new vibes be it music, skateboarding, clothing or dropping a Promo Mix for Summer 2021. Showing us his skills behind the decks and letting us hear the freshest of tracks is the order of the day here.






Bartdon – Breaks Mix April 2021



Bartdon gives us his monthly breaks mix for April. (Yes i’m a bit slow on this one but hey, sometimes life’s chores get in the way). I really dig Barton’s monthly mixes as it is a good representation of some of the breaks tracks around at the moment. With a few of his own productions thrown in as well as local talent from Spain.






1.- Baymont Bross , Sekret Chadow – Mystic
2.- Alien Rave – Dark Matter
3.- Hellen Prisma – Abduction
4.- GVN – Ethereal
5.- Just Her – Stay the Same
6.- Sekret Chadow – Anormaly
7.- Deibeat – You Make Me Feel – Infiniti remix
8.- Digital Base , Andy Vibes – This Is My Trick
9.- Mutantbreakz – Further
10.- GVN – Back To Me
11.- Bartdon – Baila
12.- Escape Earth – Dropping With the Force
13.- Colombo – Always Remember it
14.- The Brainkiller & Suga7 – Déjá Vu
15.- Bartdon – The Way To Heaven 2021




SAKU – Innerspace Mix 2021



Going very deep in to the EDM genre SAKU presents us with a great mix to sit back and listen too as we go along a musical journey feeding our senses and ears along the way. This is a great listen and not you usual modern upfront breaks mix of party music but a selection of beats that will surely please.






1/ Intro by Maja 🙂
2/ Vridian – Fragments (Original Mix) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
3/ Birds ov Paradise – Bosse (Original Mix) [Manjumasi]
4/ EM + STAV – Inner Space (Original Mix) [Intergraded]
5/ Bedrock – Forge (Kohra Remix) [Bedrock Records]
6/ Bill It & Ramona Yacef – Physical Interface (Enzo Leep Remix) [Lescale Recordings]
7/ Dragutesku – Polifonie (Original Mix) [DRG Limited]
8/ Chaos In The CBD – Digital Sound (Original Mix) [In Dust We Trust]
9/ Bliss Inc. – Transitions (Original Mix) [Radiant Love]
10/ Aspetuck – Lift Point (Route 8’s Dubby Has No Master Remix) [This Is Our Time]
11/ Butch – Lale (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
12/ Hermetics – Escaping Samsara (Original Mix) [R&S]
13/ Bushwacka! feat. E.Q. – Let It Play (Dubbed out Mix) [Plank]
14/ PMT – Insinuendo (Principled Dub Mix) [Will Brunner]
15/ Precision – Where Do You Dance (Original Mix) [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
16/ Luke Chable – Sealers Cove (Original Mix) [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
17/ Djalo – Silly Dub (Original Mix) [Souplex Records]
18/ Harrison BDP – Cathedrals (Original Mix) [Shall Not Fade]
19/ V.I.C.A.R.I. – DaysOnTheMountain (Original Mix) [Pirka]
20/ Matthias Meyer – Infinity (Original Mix) [Liebe Detail]
21/ Coastdream – Soft Moon (Original Mix) [X-Kalay]
22/ Ebende – For Love (Original Mix) [all my thoughts]
23/ God Within – Infinitely Gentle Blows (Infinite Aural Hallucination Remix) [Hardkiss Music]