Pecoe – Bootleg Breaks Mix



Ah, the good old bootleg, releasing a (back then) vinyl track that is basically a copyright infringement or could get you in a whole world of trouble if releasing under your real artist name. Most of these tracks are from the beginning of the year 2000 and most were produced by well known artists at that time, it’s like a guessing game to who made the track based on the production style. All of these tracks are also vinyl rips and were very sort after due to a limited number run. I have made this mix in Ableton, cut and pasted bits, sorted out glitches and warping issues. Hope you dig the beats. x ­čÖé





This is the tracklist, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. lol

Unknown – Fight For Your Right (Breaks Mix)
Unknown – I Boot You Baby
Unknown Vs LFO – Low Frequency Bootlilator
Unknown – Golden Days
Unknown – Romantica
Unknown – Slippedy Starter
Unknown – The Age Of Punk (Daft Love)
Unknown – Altern 8 Bootleg
Unknown – Children Remix
Unknown – Jacques Your Body
Unknown – What’s Life About
Unknown – Break Me
Unknown – Tricknology No. 2
Unknown – Some Like It Hot
Unknown – Where You At
Unknown – 7th Nation Freeland
Unknown – Outer Space Bootleg
Unknown – Deeper Flash
Unknown – Has It Come To This (Breaks Mix)




Audited Beats – Secrets Of The Trade 2009



Audit aka Audited Beats is well known in the late 2000’s Nu Funk scene for his heavy funk influenced Hip Hop beats, edits and remixes. I couldn’t find much info online for Justin aka Audit and the last music he uploaded to Soundcloud was over 5 years ago but i did download this promo mix from him back in 2009, it’s full of funky vibes and mid tempo party tunes.






The Breakbeat Junkie – Fresh Chunks Of Funk 2009



The Breakbeat Junkie rose to fame in the early days of the Nu Funk Breakbeat mid tempo scene with a tonne of Funky Breaks tracks mostly released through the Goodgroove label. His tracks and remixes have graced other labels too such as Breakbeat Paradise Recordings and he secretly known to be part of the duo Second Hand Audio. This mix was a promo for Goodgroove Records for the year 2009.





DJ Shadow live in Vienna – 19.08.2002



DJ Shadow aka Josh Davis is a well known American producer and DJ who rose to fame with his highly acclaimed debut studio album Endtroducing. As well as being a top turntablist DJ Shadow can play LIVE instrumetal versions of his music which i have seen for myself and is truly amazing. This mix was recorded LIVE in Vienna in 2002 and contains some rare B sides from him as well as the more popular tunes we all know and love.






Roast Beatz – Cuttin It Fine Podcast November 2021



Chief of the beats, master of the movement, producer, DJ and label boss of Cuttin It Fine Roast Beatz presents a new podcast for November 2021 with a whole lot of new tunes including dropping all the brand new tracks from MXTTHXLL a new sigining to the Cuttin It Fine label with a brand new EP about to hit the stores. Press play, kick back and listen to those beats.





Perfect Kombo – Exclusive RIPEcast Mix November 2021



Perfect Kombo’s DJ sets are all over the web (and Breakzlinkz) and Perfect Kombo has been mixing it with the best for quite a while now so it’s no wonder the Space Cowboys have asked him to put together a special set for their RIPEcast series of mixes.

Claudio Fernández A.K.A. Perfect Kombo.

When we talk about this artist from Huelva, we talk about quality, precision, madness and infinite imagination when it comes to producing and making you dance.Since he began his musical career in 2002 until today, the factory of creating his music has not stopped, making an unmistakable style in his productions “Made In Kombo”

During all these years he has been participating in countless events throughout our country and abroad, performing with the best promoters and working with the best Breaks & Beats sound artists, thus achieving numerous awards individually and collectively.

So many years of constant musical adaptation has served so that his sets are exclusively prepared so that at no time you stop dancing, all this based on great hits from yesterday, present and future with the most explosive mixes and with the most intense rhythms.