Philly Blunt – Ambar Reunion Mix



This mix is off the hook ! Straight up peak time hits in full force highlighting the awesome atmosphere on the night at Ambar Nightclubs Reunion a year later after it closed down. Local resident Philly Blunt mixes up a storm of party tunes one after the other producing a pure party vibe to familiar favourites on the dance floor.






Daytoner – LIVE DJ Set @ Leopallooza Festival 2019



With the recent successful Leopallooza Festival Daytoner took to the stage to drop this amazing 1 hour DJ set of funky beats featuring some of his favourite funk, soul and ska edits of a few of his own shedits and an Apache themed ending.






Standub – Classic Heavy Beats (B-Boy Mix)



A tidy set of broken beats in this mix from Standub with heavy influences on B-Boy breaks and funky bass lines. Based in southern Russia Standub was involved in the hip-hop culture of the late 1990’s and developed his skills as a rap artist then moved onto beat making in the mid 2000’s and later crafted his skills as a DJ.





Epic & Bass – Summer Mix 2019



The Spaniards sure love their breaks and the whole Spanish breaks scene is on another level. Epic & Bass bring so much heat with this new Summer mix it’s bound to give blisters on your feet, straight up breaks business with this one !