Kickflip – Cacti Sessions – July 2020 DJ Mix



Kickflip has been in the breaks scene for quite a while now but i haven’t heard anything from him in ages. So from out of nowhere he drops a brand new DJ mix of upfront breakbeat stompers with a bunch of the latest tunes.

“New mix for 2020, includes a bunch of tunes I was playing out over the last year because I should have recorded one a few months ago! Had a lot of fun putting this together, a pleasant (and sometimes unpleasant) blend of some goosebumpy numbers, neurobreaks squonkers and a few cheeky double drops. Hope to play more stompers at you all again soon!” – Kickflip






1. Perfekt Kombo – Places [Distortion Records]
2. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Happy (Kuplay Remix) [Nipponeer Records]
3. Bowser – Stellar [Breaks Yo!]
4. DJ Fixx & OnDaMike – Ring The Alarm (Kickflip Edit) [Ravesta Records]
5. Huda Huda & DJ Fixx – Old School Flavour [Kaleidoscope Music]
6. Spanish Zombies – Money Money [Ravesta Records]
7. Agressivnes – & SVD KID – Loot Bag [Galaxic]
8. Sweet Charlie – Can You Feel It? [Kaleidoscope Music]
9. Perfect Kombo – Jam Of The Space [Distorsion Records]
10. K-Deejays – Crazy [SPACE PIZZA Records]
11. Destroyers – Take on The World [Elektroshok Records]
12. DJ Fixx – Point Blank [Kaleidoscope Music]
13. Josh B – Sum A Rain [Elektroshok Records]
14. Pingüino – Funking Neck [Ravesta Records]
15. Pingüino – 101 Penguins (K-Deejays Remix) [SPACE PIZZA Records]
16. Face & Book – Paella & Pael [Elektroshok Records]
17. Chicken Paw – Boun Seoh [Beat By Brain]
18. BreaksMafia & Modulizer – Deeper [Selecta Breaks Records]
19. BassTyler – Seen Enough [Break-Box]
20. Ondamike & Shade K – Pineapple (OnDaMiKe Remix) [Ravesta Records]
21. Lady Shade – Die 4 Me [Bassrock Records]
22. STLR – One Night [Ravesta Records]
23. Face & Book & Shade K – Tokyo Planet [SPACE PIZZA Records]
24. Andy Hughes – Yummy 2K18 (Huda & DJ30A 2K18 Mix) [Kaleidoscope Music]



Gosize – This Is Dizziness Volume 1



One of the more underrated breaks producers of now is Gosize hailing from Spain and with quite a few years of production knowledge under his belt. This new mix from Gosize is an all out showcase of breaks tunes all of which you can grab over at his Bandcamp right now.







00:00 – Gosize – Run That
2:00 – Gosize – Guns Up
3:29 – Pavane – Speed
4:55 – Pavane No More
6:30 – Gosize – Quiet Mode
7:45 – Gosize – Play That Funky
9:10 – Pavane – Very Day
11:20 – Gosize – 4AM
12:45 – Gosize – Underground
14:29 – Gosize – Wolf Boss
15:28 – Gosize – Puta Vida
17:00 – Gosize – Gotta Move
18:40 – Lees Seynee – Ket Down
19:40 – Gosize – Manila Lights
21:20 – Woter – Two
24:00 – Beat 4444 – Psycho Smurfs



DJ Voita – The Family Silver (Essential Mid Tempo Mix July 2020)



A tidy mix here from DJ Voita with a great selection of mid tempo music, hip hop and breaks. A bit of everything for everyone from the likes of Fort Knox Five to FDEL to Krafty Kuts plus it’s a free download !






1.JPOD – We Gonna Party (Regular Show remix)
2.Beck – Loser (Voita Lipert Ghetto Re-Dub)
3.Cut La Roc – Sunday Morning People (Herbgrinder remix)
4.Freestylers – Could I Be Dreaming
5.Fort Knox Five – Crimson Clover (DC’s Finest Remint)
6.The Captain – The Latin Night Before
7.Mo’ Horizons – Drum ‘N’ Boogaloo (Fort Knox Latin Funk Bomb Remix)
8.Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Benji Boko Remix)
9.All Good Funk Alliance – Now Lately (DJ Friction funky remix)
10.Funk Ferret – Whole Loada Shizzle
11.BadboE – Freak Hop Part 2
12.DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat – Walk with the Funk
13.Gang Starr – Full Clip (Phunk’ill edit)
14.FDEL – How Lucky Am I (Dubra Edit)
15.Krafty Skillz – Music Sounds Fatter With U
16.Dedy Dread – Too Hot On The Floor
17.House Of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
18.Miles Davis – Fantasy
19.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Go With The Flow (Alternate mix)
20.Palov & Mishkin – That’s My Name (edit)
21.El Bomba – That’s when ya swing
22.Manmade – Party Block Rocker (Da Wiesel Remix)
23.DJ Axe – I Got The Chop
24.Morlack – Happy Hip Hop
25.Funk Ferret – Ecstasy
26.Featurecast – Channel Hopping



B-Roll Vs Freestylers



Reaching in to archives of the Freestylers back catalogue of music B-Roll has once again has put together another tribute mix of some of the Freestylers best tracks. Spanning over 3 decades the Freestylers career still continues today and they still put out great tunes some of which you can hear in this mix.






1 Music Is Music Freestylers
2 Raw As F__K Freestylers
3 Freestylers – Ruffneck (Ctrl Z Remix)
4 Killasound (Original Mix) Freestylers, Wizard
5 Punks Freestylers
6 Love My Bass (Original Mix) Freestylers
7 Spread Love Freestylers feat. Kytami
8 Dynamite Love feat. Dynamite MC (Original Mix) Freestylers, Krafty Kuts
9 Right On Freestylers
10 Say What Again (Freestylers Raw As F##k Remix) What
11 Boom Blast Freestylers feat. Million Dan
12 In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) Freestylers
13 Fall from Grace feat. Maikal X (Original Mix) Freestylers, Maikal X
14 MOFOS (Original Mix) Freestylers, Deekline
15 OMG (Original Mix) Freestylers, Deekline
16 The Coming Storm feat. Takura (Ed Solo Remix) Freestylers, Stereo:Type, Takura
17 Ray Gun Deekline, Freestylers
18 Rude Bwoy (Aphrodite Remix) Freestylers, RDX
19 King of Kings Freestylers
20 Junglist Warrior Lady Waks, Deekline, Freestylers feat. Steppa Style, Blackout JA, Tenor Youthman
21 Painkiller SirReal, Pendulum, Freestylers



A.Skillz – Lost Horizon Festival Live Stream – 4.7.2020



A.Skillz brings his A Game with a smashing Live set for the recent online Lost Horizon Festival. This 2 day online event was a “real festival in a virtual world”.

Quote: ” In this unhinged world currently devoid of human connection, Shangri-La decided to create something completely original, bringing people together through a new global platform for art and music… and most of all for FUN!

LOST HORIZON is a deep multi-layered experience, filled with wild dance-floors, secret headliners, a visual feast of art and performance, hidden venues and some HUGE artists playing exclusively for you.

Inside this Multiverse you can meet with your friends and make new ones, chat, dance and explore together, blag your way backstage or find a shady corner to hang out in. Fully customisable avatars will transcend gender, colour and the limitations of the body – be whoever you want for the weekend! ”